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Drooling, puffy lips, talking with a slur — we've all been there before and know that lingering numbness in the mouth following a dental procedure can feel kind of weird and can make it difficult to eat, drink and talk normally! And it's especially true for kids if they are experiencing it for the first time! While every patient's experience with numbing is different, we've found that all of our patients appreciate it when we reverse the numbing effect as quickly as we can! Didn't know that was possible? With OraVerse it is! And it works wonders for our little patients at Duffy Dental Ranch!

This medical technology allows us to reverse the effects of anesthetic numbness with a quick injection into the area of the mouth that was just worked on by Dr. Duffy (remember, it's already numb!) The medicine works quickly to bring patients back to normal sensation twice as fast, meaning that our patients can eat, drink, smile and talk normally twice as fast too! Plus, eliminating numbness quickly reduces the chance of patients biting accidentally on their numb lips and gums and causing unnecessary damage without noticing.

If you have questions about OraVerse and how it can benefit your child, please don't hesitate to ask!