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Children Are Likely to Suffer Dental Injuries

Most of us were far more adventurous as children than as adults. Even if you enjoy exotic vacations, you're probably hopping fewer fences, not playing as many sports and not climbing as many trees as your eight-year-old self.

Between the ages of seven and 12, 66% of children suffer some sort of dental trauma. This might include:

  • Losing a tooth playing sports and falling
  • Cracking and chipping teeth from chewing hard candy
  • Weakened enamel from acid reflux and other chronic conditions
  • Damage to gums, tongues and cheeks from impact

Like cavities, these injuries may have lifelong consequences if left untreated. While the mouth is fantastic at repairing itself, when children suffer dental injuries, they need prompt, friendly treatment. By having an established relationship with a pediatric dentist, your child's dental injury experience may be that much less intimidating.