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4 Common Signs of Tooth Decay

Has your child started complaining about a sudden or continuous pain in their tooth? Have you noticed any visible cavity, hole, or pit in their tooth? Your child may have tooth decay or a tooth cavity.

Did you know that untreated tooth decay is the most common health condition in the world? Right now, there are over 2.3 billion people suffering from tooth decay worldwide.

Is your child suffering from sudden toothaches or sensitivity without an obvious cause? If so, your child might be one of the people suffering from tooth decay. Read on to learn about four common signs of tooth decay in your child that you shouldn't miss and how you can help.

1. Sudden Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity after eating anything hot or cold is a common sign of cavities. This type of tooth sensitivity affects a child daily and may even cause them to lose their appetite. If left untreated, this can lead to tooth decay.

When the enamel of your child's tooth starts wearing away, it also affects the dentin. The dentin is a hard tissue layer containing lots and lots of tubes that are small and hollow. You can find this layer right below the enamel.

If your child's enamel is wearing off, there is less and less protective dentin cover. When your child eats food that is hot, cold, sticky, or acidic, they experience tooth sensitivity. This is because this food now penetrates and can stimulate the cells and nerves inside the tooth.

2. Sensitivity to Sweets

A lingering feeling of sensitivity caused by sweets is also a sign that your child might have a cavity. Sensitivity to sweets is often an overlooked symptom of a cavity or tooth decay as it's not as common as temperature sensitivity.

Aside from candy, your child may also experience tooth sensitivity with sugary drinks. Sweet sensitivity has the same cause as temperature sensitivity. Did you know that sugars and sweets are one of the leading causes of cavities?

Our mouths are full of good and bad bacteria. Unfortunately, this bad bacteria feeds on sugars and dental plaque. This interaction produces acid that can harm tooth enamel, leaving your child more vulnerable to cavities.

3. Cavity Tooth Stains

Have you noticed any new staining on your child's teeth? We're not talking about the staining that comes after eating candy or chocolate. If this stain has been around and stays even after brushing, then your child may be showing signs of tooth decay.

Staining is often the earliest sign of a cavity. These stains can appear as white spots in the teeth. The longer your child's tooth decay stays untreated, the darker the stain will become.

Staining caused by a cavity often appears brown, black, or white. These colored stains often appear on the surface of your child's tooth.

4. A Hole or Pit in Your Child’s Tooth

As mentioned, if cavities or early symptoms of tooth decay stay untreated, they worsen. If staining stays untreated, it will become a hole or pit in your child's tooth. This hole or pit will be quite noticeable and visible when you look in your child's mouth.

Your child can also feel this hole or pit when they run their tongue over the surface of their teeth. Holes between the crevices of your child's teeth can be hard to spot and feel. If your child is still feeling pain or sensitivity in an area of their teeth, then a hidden hole might be there.

When to See a Children's Dentist

Once you see a hole or pit in your child's mouth, it's recommended for you to take your child to see a dentist. A hole or pit is a clear sign that you have tooth decay. Booking an appointment with a dentist can take weeks.

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