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Teeth Whitening for Pediatrics: The Benefits of Whitening GLO

Over half of children aged 6-19 have cavities in either their baby or adult teeth. Many others suffer from other oral health issues. If you're struggling to keep your child's beautiful smile white and bright, you're far from alone.

A pediatric dentist who uses whitening GLO can help you ensure that any mouth is safe, healthy, and shining. Read on to learn the basics of teeth whitening for pediatrics and how to get white teeth for children and adolescents.

Teeth Whitening for Pediatrics: The Basics
Teeth whitening is often thought of as a procedure for adults. However, it is often essential for children, especially adolescents. This is because many food products such as soda, candy, and other snacks with artificial preservatives can cause staining. Staining can occur on the interior of the teeth as well as on the surface. This makes them yellow or darken.

However, it is difficult to whiten the teeth of children. Tooth sensitivity is commonly activated by many bleach treatments and children struggle to understand the risks. Luckily, there are many treatments like whitening GLO that no longer require bleaching.

Adolescents also frequently have braces or other bite aids. In fact, 80% of tweens and teens wear braces. This makes brushing and flossing challenging and can make the chances of poorly-cared-for teeth go up.

Whitening treatments also must take braces into account. Some standard whitening treatments will not evenly whiten the teeth of those with braces. That's why it's important that you take your child to someone who specializes in pediatric dentistry- they have specialized knowledge.

Types of Solutions for Teeth Whitening
Bleach trays are a common type of whitening strategy used by dentists. However, these treatments are slowly decreasing in popularity. This is because some studies suggest that bleach-related whitening strategies can cause permanent damage. Bleach doesn't just trigger tooth sensitivity in the moment of use but can also make the teeth more sensitive in the long term. It may wear at the enamel and may causes gum irritation.

Whitening Strips
It's a bad idea to give most children over-the-counter whitening strips. They are made with bleach similar to dental bleach trays. They're simply an at-home solution. There are, of course, exceptions to this. A pediatric dentist can help you determine the best course of action for your child. However, you shouldn't give whitening strips to kids without specific instructions to do so.

Whitening Toothpaste
So how can you keep kids' teeth looking great when they're not at the dentist's office?

Toothpastes with whitening agents are a good choice. Assuming that your child is over 15, they probably won't experience any negative effects like tooth sensitivity. If they do, change back to regular fluoride toothpaste.

However, no matter what you do, it's a good idea to consult with a dentist first. Each child is different and will require different whitening strategies, and a professional can help you determine what's right for you. Besides, no amount of at-home whitening can replace a dentist's professional knowledge and tools. It's a supplement.

What Makes Whitening GLO the Best Choice?
Whitening GLO is the main alternative to bleach trays. This treatment method is used for both adolescents and adults. It can cause mild tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, but is the most suitable option for anyone that has all of their adult teeth regardless of age.

The process is pretty simple. A gel is first applied to the patient's teeth. This gel is intended to whiten the teeth without bleach. Then, a UV heat treatment will be applied to the mouth. The patient will put in a mouthpiece to ensure that the light and heat hit their gel-covered teeth correctly. This light and heat accelerate the whitening process that the gel would otherwise take a much longer time.

You also can opt to get a GLO at-home whitening kit. You can keep up your teenager’s whitening between dental appointments. Note that this is something you will need to obtain from a GLO dental practice as it is not available in stores.

The Benefits of Whitening Teeth
But is whitening GLO treatment worth it? Does it really matter how white your teen’s teeth are? Assuming that the child in question has lost all their baby teeth, the answer to these questions is a resounding "yes."

The Benefits of Whitening Teeth
The main benefit, though, is cosmetic. 2022 surveys show that the majority of teens are insecure about their appearance. This means that they experience guilt, shame, and self-consciousness. Whitening GLO can make them feel more confident in their smiles so that they do not experience these terrible feelings regularly. They will be happier and more social.

Help Your Child's Beautiful Smile Shine
While keeping your child's teeth pearly white may sound like a challenge, regular whitening GLO and dental visits can work wonders. That's why it's time to talk with a pediatric dentist to schedule a visit.

Dr. Debra Duffy and her team are committed to cleaning children's and adolescents' teeth the right way. We perform comprehensive oral exams, talk with you about whitening strategies, and perform any other procedures needed to keep teeth healthy. Book an appointment today and we'll get in touch ASAP.